Why are so many homes for sale in Green Valley AZ?

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This is a fairly common question we receive.  I am always perplexed as to why we receive the question so often.  So lets look at the facts and answer the question!

The total amount of homes currently for sale in Green Valley Arizona (Active in MLS) at the time of writing is 207.  According to the 2020 US Census there are 12,847 homes in Green Valley (including the few apartments we have). But keep in mind this number grows daily and is currently likely closer to 14,000.

With 207 homes for sale in Green Valley that would be just 1.61% of the 12,847 homes. To put that in perspective there are currently 152,514 homes in Tucson (not including apartments) of which 1,648 are for sale. This comes out to 1.08% of homes in Tucson currently for sale.  So the difference is roughly one half of one percent. 

Perhaps more relavent than the percentage of homes for sale is a metric that many Realtors keep an eye on called Absorption Rate. Absorption Rate is simply the amount of homes currently available divided by the amount of homes being sold each month. Using this method we can determine how many months of 'inventory' we have.  We refer to this as the 'Absorption Rate'.

The Absorption Rate for Green Valley AZ is currently 2.3 months.  This means that if no new listings came on the market we would run out of homes to sell in 2.3 months. For perspective, the Absorption Rate for Tucson is currently 2.18 months. So again, an almost imperceptible difference of 0.12 months.

City of Green Valley AZ Absorption Rate

* It's worth noting that inventory in Green Valley peaks in January each year.

City of Tucson Absorption Rate